What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored on the device of the user (pc, laptop, smartphone, tablet), and helps to recognize them at the moment higher. They can be used for the identification of meetings and for the collection of statistical information. In the first case is a technique of cookies, and the second is cookies. Cookies can only be saved if the settings of the browser allow this. Most browsers accept cookies automatically.

Kinds of cookies

(Session is created at the beginning of the query of this website and will be deleted after each session) or permanently (in on your device also remain after closing the website), can be stored on the device at different time (several hours to several Days, months or permanently). Technical cookies allow the website to work and its tasks properly. Is used to recognize user. Every time you visit a website, you do not have to re-enter the same information, such as (non-exhaustive list is not exhaustive).

Cookies analysis

Is used to provide information on the use of the website. For example (the listing is not exhaustive) How did you get to website, which pages they visit, how long they stayed in them, etc., All this information is used for statistical purposes, to optimize the site and check their correct functioning. In general, to understand how visitors use the website, optimize the navigation and improve the performance of website content.

Third party cookies of the contracting parties

When visiting this site, cookies are provided directly from the website (cookies, "owners"), as well as other organizations (the "cookies" of third parties). This is because some functions of the website or on the sides are managed, By providing the code with developers of third parties.The presence of these parts in the code the transfer of cookies the services operated by third The collection of this information is in accordance with their own rules to which they can turn Examples for "third-party cookies" - this is Google Analytics, a service for the analysis of web traffic provided by Google. Is used to gather and analyze information about the work of the users on this website. These data will be processed by Google Analytics to make reports of the activities on this page. Another example of "third party cookies" is the presence of "social plugins" such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. The most common use of social plugins is the exchange of content in social networks and user recognition Certain actions, such as logging on to the website, by logging on the social networking information.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to facilitate and improve your browser experience on the website (cookies) and for the collection of statistics on access (analysis - cookies). The use of cookies, it is also important for the approval. After registering on the website, no new input of username and password on each page.

Can I disable cookies?

You can change it to block the settings of your internet browser and the use of cookies. In view of the huge amount of devices, operating systems, browsers used to query the web sites, and considering that all these features change so often that it is difficult to create a complete, detailed and up-to-date list of instructions Manage the cookie settings in any case. We recommend that you access the documentation on a particular browser, operating system and device. However, if your browser does not accept any cookies, you are limited to access and use of all functions of the website.