Mood Swings During Periods

Women tend to experience a discomfort during menstruation. This fact is known to everyone, including men. However, this does not apply to the entire half of the fair sex. The individual part has only unpleasant pain or physical sensations. But still more female population complains of strong mood swings during this period.

A change in mood occurs a few days before the onset of menstruation. Why is this happening? The woman's emotional state directly depends on the features of the functioning of her physiological system. Before the onset of menstruation, the female body tends to accumulate an excessive amount of toxic substances that adversely affect the general condition of the woman link. At times, a woman feels tired and apathetic, which manifests itself in a tearful and gloomy mood, and sometimes, on the contrary, finds an inexplicable aggression.

Most of the female population of the Earth becomes unbearable during this period, which makes communication with them extremely difficult. Once a month, during a reproductive age, serious functional changes occur in the woman's body. This state is explained by somatic nature and is called PMS. The manifestation of this state is individual and depends on many factors.

As a rule, in such a case, a woman complains of persistent headache, pain in the mammary glands and lower abdomen, irritability, fatigue and a significant deterioration in the general condition. During this period, there is an increase in appetite and a desire to consume large amounts of liquid. Therefore, weight gain for such a period is quite a frequent occurrence. After its expiration, weight returns gradually to the usual norm.

The worsened state of health in the first place affects the mood. The body of a woman experiences discomfort and, in connection with this, a painful reaction to external stimuli appears. This syndrome disrupts the functioning of the ovaries and the endocrine system of women. Therefore, it should not be left without attention. For sedation, sedatives are recommended. Also, a woman needs to exercise moral preparation for this period and learn how to manage her emotional state.

The people around should also support the woman during this period and try not to provoke her to emotions. Close people should not take the words seriously, it is important to try to calm the woman. After a few moods normalize, and she again can return to the usual rhythm of life in a balanced mood.