Causes of depression in women. Remedies.

The number of women suffering from depression is constantly increasing. Among its main causes can be given the following: The cause of depression can be hormonal disorders associated with childbearing functions. Throughout the period of pregnancy, women have quite large hormonal changes, which often lead to severe mental disorders. According to research, abortion causes depression much less often than pregnancy itself and postpartum changes. Recent changes are associated with a decrease in the number of hormones in the mother's body, as well as with new responsibilities.

A sharp deterioration in mood may arise as a result of financial difficulties, lack of assistance from relatives; Depression can occur as a result of changes in the phases of the menstrual cycle; The risk of mental disorders of a woman who in the second or third time survive the menopause; Young girls today due to different circumstances have a relatively high risk of developing depression. Typically, they have it displayed in complete denial of food or its abuse. This affects not only mental health, but also the physical condition of the girl; The high level of stress in women associated with caring for a child, loneliness, unhappy marriage, is also one of the main causes of depression; According to studies, the highest percentage of patients with depression in Hispanic women, and the least - in African American women; The cause of prolonged depression can be the loss or even death of a native person;

Women pessimists are most at risk of becoming mentally ill.

Symptoms of a depressive disorder Symptoms of depression among women are quite different. The first of these is the loss of strong-willed qualities. Then the list of symptoms is expanded by apathy, depression, irritability, depression, crying, anxiety. Hypochondria is often observed when a sick woman feels non-existent changes in her abdominal cavity. Signs of depression can also affect the physical health of women. So, the patient is disturbed by the tired mode of sleep and nutrition. The disorder can be reflected by pain in the muscles, joints, mammary glands, heart and general weakness. As already mentioned, depression must be distinguished from other psychological problems, including from a simple bad mood. For example, if there was a domestic problem, then it's a good decision to bring some satisfaction to a woman, which does not happen in a patient with depression.

Such a woman suffers from helplessness and uselessness, there is a feeling of indifference towards herself and her close people. The disease affects success in work or study. Depression can occur in women due to an event that will change all of her future life. For example, it is often found in girls before the wedding, when they are afraid of something new or the failure of the wedding ceremony itself. A decrease in mood and the appearance of a disorder can result from quarrels with the husband because of simple trifles. But the husband is also nervous, so two people who are experiencing can talk nonsense to each other. Almost always parting with a beloved man leads to depression.

A suppressed woman can lie in bed for days and blame herself for everything that has happened.

Treatment of depression To cure depression help specialists. One of the methods of treatment is psychotherapy. An experienced specialist will help a sick woman learn how to build relationships with people, behave correctly with them, and avoid negative thinking. Thanks to the therapist, a woman has a chance to normalize the emotional state and form an immunity against possible disorders in the future. For the treatment of severe forms of depression, the use of medications is necessary, and in especially neglected cases - hospitalization, because some patients can be injured or even attempted to commit suicide. As a medicine, antidepressants are used. But the effect of them occurs far away at once, usually in a couple of weeks. It is necessary to consult a doctor about the dose of the drug. After all, often a patient who does not see the effect of the drug, increases his dose, which threatens health. If the main symptoms of depression have already disappeared, then do not stop taking drugs, because they can return in a heavier form. Try to get rid of mild manifestations of depression and you can yourself. Especially effective for women is aromatherapy. Spreading all over the skin of a sick person, aromatic oils bring pleasure, and hormones of joy begin to be produced in the brain. Thanks to them, the woman forgets all previous problems.

Such oils can be used for massage, baths or simply to inhale their fragrance. The best possible for women are essential oils from orange, bergamot, melissa.

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