Auspicious Time For Conception

In the life of any woman comes the period when she wants to become a mother and asks herself the question: "Which days are favorable for conception?"

Many representatives of the fair sex cialis online cheap encountered such situations when a sudden and unwanted pregnancy did not always become a joyful surprise, but it broke the plans for the future or ended at the very beginning. The coveted and planned pregnancy always proceeds more favorably - the conscious approach to this event allows to prepare for it in advance, to exclude all undesirable moments, to treat chronic diseases and fully armed to meet the long-awaited baby with joy and without alarm.

How do you know about favorable days?

Favorable days are when a meeting of a sperm and a ready-to-fertilize egg can take place. If the spermatozoa are always ready to perform their function, the egg remains in the active state for a short time. It is ready for fertilization only for a few days, usually about 48 hours. Based on this parameter, the days in which conception is possible are calculated.

How to calculate favorable days for conception?

To begin with, a woman should schedule her menstrual cycle and identify the day of ovulation. Further it is necessary to remember that:

  • Spermatozoa, getting into the sexual path of a woman, retain their activity for about 5 days;
  • the woman's body is ready for conception 5 days before ovulation and 14-15 hours after it.

The calendar method for calculating

With a regular menstrual cycle, it is possible to calculate favorable days for conception using the calendar method. The starting point is the middle of the cycle, when, usually, ovulation occurs. In some cases, the egg can ripen 2 days later or earlier. If a woman has a cycle length of 28 days, then, as a rule, on the 14-15th day, ovulation occurs. We take into account 2 days of "error in maturation" and we find that a favorable period for conception can be considered the interval between the 13th and 17th days of the menstrual cycle. Remember that male sex cells can live in the body of a woman from 3 to 5 days, the period from 9 to 18 days of the cycle will be favorable for the conception of the child.

If a woman's menstrual cycle is not regular, then she too can use the calendar method to determine favorable days. To do this, it must perform the calculations for the shortest and longest cycle and add them. This method can be used by a woman only if she has kept her monthly calendar for at least a year. In an extremely irregular cycle, it is preferable to use other methods.

How to determine basal temperature?

The method for determining basal temperature is more accurate than the calendar method, although it does not give 100% reliability. When using this technique, a woman should strictly follow recommendations for measuring basal temperature and analyze the graphs of 4-6 menstrual cycles.

In this analysis, you can identify:

  • in the first half of the cycle, the temperature is lower;
  • in the second half the temperature rises;
  • before the increase in the basal temperature, a sharp drop from 0.4 to 0.6 degrees is observed.

According to the theory, the day of a sharp drop in temperature will be the day of ovulation. We calculate the days of possible conception: about 5 days before ovulation and 2 days after the increase in basal temperature.

How to determine by ultrasound monitoring?

Favorable days for conception of the child can be determined even more accurately by ultrasonic monitoring. For this, on day 7 of the cycle, an ultrasound is performed by a vaginal sensor. Thus, the doctor can determine the maturity of the follicles and the location of the maturing follicle.

The ultrasound is performed every 2-3 days and the analysis of the data allows us to determine the dominant follicle, that is, the one that will ovulate. In passing, the doctor evaluates the readiness of the endometrium (the uterine mucosa) to implant a fertilized egg. Knowing that ovulate follicles that have reached a size of 18 or more millimeters, the doctor can assume the date of release of the ovum from the ovary. After the onset of ovulation on the ovary, a gap is found in which the yellow body gradually develops. Ultrasound monitoring is the most accurate method for determining the days of a child's fertility. The procedure requires high qualification of the doctor and it is recommended to be conducted in specialized clinics.

Ovulation test

Home pharmacies for ovulation begin to appear in pharmacies. The principle of their action is based on the indicator's response to an increase in the level of luteinizing hormone in saliva or in urine. Tests begin to be carried out daily for 5-6 days before the expected ovulation. It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations given in the instructions. The first positive result will indicate that ovulation will occur within a day. For some women these tests are not informative, as well as pregnancy tests. This technique is not widely spread and because of the high price of tests.

What do you need to do before conception?

Knowing the days that are favorable for conception, a couple can achieve the desired result. How to prepare for this crucial moment? It is highly desirable to do the following:

  • undergo a detailed medical examination and treat identified and chronic diseases;
  • get rid of caries;
  • minimize or completely eliminate contact with harmful chemicals and household chemicals;
  • Reduce the use of pharmacological drugs;
  • Decrease sexual activity several days before conception.